Sean McCoy LMT

I'm Sean McCoy, LMT MMT

Professional Deep Tissue
Massgae Therapist

For 10+ years I have been practicing deep tissue massage therapy in Gilbert, AZ. In that time, my touch has evolved into a warm and rhythmic massage that implements a strumming technique which is incredibly effective at relieving pain and restoring range of motion.

While the effects are relaxing…
I do not provide a relaxing massage.

While I accelerate your lymphatic throughput…
I do not provide a lymphatic drainage massage.

Mine is medical grade deep tissue therapy…
from the comforts of my peaceful oasis home studio.

Welcome To My Home Studio.

Park off the street in my driveway.
My dedicated massage studio offers peace, quiet and privacy. 

Hot towels, table warmer, cushions and blankets along with your choice of music, lighting and even aromatherapy make for a wonderful setting to receive my therapeutic bodywork.

I practice my professional therapeutic massage from my Home Studio located near Power & Queen Creek Roads* in Gilbert, AZ

*Address provided upon registration confirmation.

Ready To Schedule?

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In Memory of Nee-Nee

I began practicing from my home studio in order to be part of a “small army” of care givers supporting my mother who suffered from a list of crappy maladies, not the least of which was dementia.

In the summer of 2023, Nee-Nee finally found peace. I hope more than anything she finally found my dad, for whom she has so desperately been searching these last years. While I have no further obligations here, and Lily probably limits my potential client base:
I have decided to continue practicing from my home studio, and expand to accomodate Erik practicing as well for the indefinite future.

Let Me Introduce: Erik McCoy

Erik is my son! And is new to the business. He is currently enrolled in the Advanced Therapist Training Program offered at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona.  Erik is currently certified in Reflexology and Polarity. If you are interested in these services please schedule a Student Massage with Erik. 

Erik will be licensed for standard massage therapy starting July of 2024. 

Until then, you can schedule Erik for his Student Massage where he can practice clothed massage, reflexology and even polarity. 

A Great Idea !!

Schedule Erik for a
Student Massage immediately after
your session with Sean to enjoy an
hour of deeply therapeutic & relaxing
foot reflexology.

Meet Lily: Your Therapy Pup.


Ring The Doorbell
And I Will Sing You The Song Of My People!


Please, don’t mind her barking.
It’s just a big Hello! Hello! Hello! from a sweet little cocker spaniel who is very excited you have arrived.

Everyone Follow Lily!
For those who cannot tolerate dogs, I understand and apologize for not being able to accommodate you. 

These reviews are not by accident. Sean McCoy strives to make every experience with him a 5-star review worthy experience (Ex-wives excluded).