Sean McCoy LMT

I’m Sean McCoy, LMT MMT

Deep Tissue
Massage Therapist.

Myofascial Deep Tissue Massage

My massage works to correct myofascial dysfunction. It is a very unique form of deep tissue massage that targets where the muscle, tendon, ligament and bone interconnect with their surrounding myofascial world, in order to…

  • Restore tissue pliability and range of motion.
  • Release trapped metabolic by-products.
  • Rehydrate poorly circulated tissue deserts.
  • Reduce the size of scars, knots and thickened hardened tissue.
  • Remove locks, binds, compressions and strangulations of nerves and related tissue structures.

My hands are tools, used at varying levels of intensity to isolate, strip & flush muscle fibers. Using degrees of intensity with fists and knuckles I heat and release entire swathes of cross bound tissue. Employing compression, binding and friction, my forearms and elbows forcibly release adhesions to restore proper structural alignment. 

And for those who want/need/require more…

I also employ a host of gwa sha tools which provide some of the fastest paths to relief* from dysfunction.

*Everyone expresses relief when the gwa sha application stops.

While the effects are relaxing…

I do not provide a relaxing massage.

While I accelerate your lymphatic throughput…

I do not provide a lymphatic drainage massage.

Mine is medical grade deep tissue therapy from the comforts of my peaceful oasis home studio.
Meet my mom, Nan.
Or “Nee Nee” as she is known to her many grand children and great grandchildren. She’s just the sweetest, most innocent person I know.

She is also dealing with late stage dementia, and can no longer be alone for any significant periods of time. She lives with me. I am her caregiver.

Fortunately, I am supported by extremely qualified professional caregivers, who afford me the ability to do other things, like take care of my clients.

In order to be there for her

I practice my professional therapeutic massage from my Home Studio located near Power & Queen Creek Roads in Gilbert, AZ.

Welcome To My Home Studio

Park off street in my driveway. My dedicated massage studio offers peace, quiet and privacy. Hot towels, table warmer, cushions and blankets along with your choice of music, lighting and even aromatherapy make for a wonderful setting to receive therapeutic bodywork.

Lily The Guard Dog

Ring the doorbell and she will sing you the song of her people! Don’t worry… All that barking is just a big “Hello!” Feel free to kneel down and let Lily get to know you. She loves to join massage sessions, just to offer her own special kind of pup therapy.

Please note: While Lily is a hypoallergenic dog. She is a dog nonetheless.
I am only accepting clients who can enjoy having Lily present for their massage.

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Is This Just Another Deep Tissue Massage?

"I've been getting massages my whole life (20 years) and Sean gave me the best massage experience I've ever had."
Baylor F.
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"2 words - life changing! Sean is an amazing massage therapist...."
Kelly C.
Yelp - Vivid Soul Bodywork
"If you are looking for a great deep tissue massage Sean is your guy..."
Kayloni R.
Yelp - Vivid Soul Bodywork
"Phenomenal massages by Sean. My husband and I have been going to Sean since we moved to the Gilbert area."
Reba R.
Yelp - Vivid Soul Bodywork
"...[Sean] was highly knowledgeable about the body and made me feel relaxed immediately! The massage itself was amazing..."
Aly W.
Google Reviews - Vivid Soul Bodywork

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