Sean McCoy LMT

Hi, I am SEAN!

A professional massage therapist, primary care giver, software developer & hopeless believer that sacrifice & hard work eventually yield a positive return on investment.

A Long Strange Trip...

Shortly after moving to Arizona in 1993, I found myself single and a needing to be a "Mom Dad" for my two small boys. Back then I was a software developer. Ever heard of MediSoft, PrimeNet, GlobalCrossing, GoDaddy?
I was involved, to a significant degree, with each of those companies.

In 2011, with my children out of the nest, the opportunity to do something other than "coding" presented itself in the form of the Arizona School of Massage Therapy. I could become a Massage Therapist AND be a veteran enterprise level internet application developer? Obviously, my inner Hemingway, couldn't resist.

Because I'm a nerd, I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and all possible coveted honors that were available. My desire: Be the best massage therapist.

In 2012, my partner at the time and I created Vivid Soul Bodywork, LLC. We operated a beautiful 2 studio business near downtown Gilbert, AZ.
Over the next 8 years, nothing but 5-star reviews would be garnered, often calling my particular massage out by name.
...On the surface, business was looking great.

Unfortunately, declining health in my mother, a pandemic and a failed personal relationship saw the end of Vivid Soul in late 2020.

I am grateful to those clients who reached out, and indicated that no matter what happens...I am not allowed to stop giving my massage. It has been is a life raft.

Years of Experience
Unique Bodies
Hands On Hours

Special Approach To Every Client!

That is why it is called a Custom Massage.

And since I am the boss...
I Decide When Your Session Is Complete.

Not The Clock