Sean McCoy LMT

Career Opportunities

The next massage therapist to join the Vivid Soul Bodywork team...


  • Is Licensed & Certified in the State of Arizona as a Massage Therapist.
  • Is Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy listed & active.
  • Is Self Insured (ie. ABMPATMA), including Hot Stone Therapy.
  • Is a 1099-MISC Contractor (each therapist withholds their own taxes).
  • Is looking to grow to providing at least 15 massages/week.
  • Would love to grow and foster their very own base of repeat clientele.
  • Would love to participate in couples massage & bodywork sessions.
  • Would love to provide medical, deep tissue, hot stone and aroma therapy based massages.
  • Is committed to increasing their knowledge & skills in their practice of Massage Therapy.
  • Is already, or is possibly looking to specialize, so as to increase their value as a practitioner of Massage Therapy.
  • Clearly & beautifully communicates their love of massage through their touch: Every. Single. Time.
  • Accurately & confidently communicates their knowledge of human anatomy through their touch & voice: Every. Single. Time.
  • Naturally communicates professionally: Every. Single. Time.

While Vivid Soul Bodywork therapists do set their own schedule…
at this time…That schedule is to be available most weekends and some weekdays.


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We realize what’s super important here…
As much as we would all love to massage the masses for free…
The electric company doesn’t accept deep tissue.
Vivid Soul Bodywork has a compensation plan that actually affords the ability to make a real living as a massage therapist.
While we are not sure why our plan is not an industry standard (greedy corporations most likely), we would rather not advertise those details here.
Rather, if you are one of the “33% of 33%”… who not only walk the walk, but can talk without using Um & Uh 33% of the time, then…
For real. We are real. If you are real, send your resume and any questions or cover letter content you may have to