Sean McCoy LMT

Erik's Massage


Please Note: In the state of Arizona, the practice of massage is restricted only to those who are licensed. The exceptions to this legal mandate are for clothed and energetic modalities.

As a student of massage therapy, Erik’s Massage is simply a fully clothed modality. This means that you will be wearing underwear and shorts, or leggingsFemale clients must also wear a bra [ or sports bra ]. 

Wherever the clothing cannot easily be repositioned, the massage is performed “over the clothing”.  This is done using Sports Massage techniques. Other than that, the therapist can practice directly upon the client’s skin. 

Sports Massage

When working “over the clothing”, Erik’s Massage will involve the techniques performed on professional Marathon & Triathlon competitors, Basketball, Football, Soccer, or any sport; immediately following their events. Using compressions, stretching and jostling Erik is able to release tension from all manner of over worked, bound, tight tissue. He is learning how to increase the flow of lymphatic throughput to help flush out metabolic byproducts that leave you feeling sore and fatigued.

Head, Neck, Arms, Wrists & Hands

Think about those areas for a moment… 
Erik’s Massage can target these areas to provide the relief from our 21st Century postures. We all suffer from “head forward” dysfunction. That is a primary cause of headaches, sore neck, stiff traps and shoulders. Often this dysfunction is creeping up your arm from your hands and wrists! 

Let Erik show how working the carpal tunnel space through the arms and shoulders can effectively bring relief to those typing, steering and weight lighting hands and arms. 

Table or Seated?

Erik can provide his massage either traditionally using a massage table, or using a professional grade Massage Chair.


The practice of western Reflexology involves, primarily the feet. And even though the practice itself originates from an energetic modality – having your feet massaged by a professional can be life changing. On the massage table, Erik can address Plantar Fasciitis symptoms all through the lower leg and feet not to mention bringing an overall sense of rejuvination to your entire body!

Practice Makes Perfect

These sessions afford Erik the opportunity to practice the fundamentals of therapeutic massage and bodywork. To strengthen the knowledge he is receiving from the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. 

Every session will include formal intake forms and post session feedback requests.