Sean McCoy LMT

Professional Massage

I emphasize the word professional 
to set a new expectation on your massage.


I approach massage from an engineering perspective

I employ a “Western Massage” modality. These techniques promote achieving a measurable outcome based upon a scientific understanding of anatomy, pathology and structural dynamics. Meaning, I approach pain and dysfunction from an engineering perspective. The benefit for you is that you know almost immediately if the “work” being done is having the right effect.

As of May 3rd, 2021, I am fully certified as a Medical Massage Practitioner (MMP). Simply, this means I am fully trained and compliant with the documentation requirements and service delivery techniques to satisfy insurance billing procedure CPT  codes: 97124, 97140, 97250, 90020.
NOTE: I do not perform direct insurance billing. If you have a prescription or qualifying event, I am able to provide all the necessary documentation to receive reimbursement.

Additionally, I can communicate directly with your other healthcare providers, when necessary, in their language.
If you respond well to chiropractic treatments, bring in your chiropractor’s treatment plan and I will know exactly how to best augment with soft tissue manipulation to achieve your treatment plan goals. Our sessions always work towards an ultimate goal of wellness for you, while being disguised in deep therapeutic somatic touch.

Western Massage + Eastern Paradigm

I strive to work at a level of competence, that affords me the ability to elevate medical grade techniques to a level; where the “Eastern Paradigm” of massage can be applied to create an almost hypnotic experience while receiving therapeutic touch.

The energy lines and meridians of the body, studied in the practice of massage dating back thousands of years bear a remarkable resemblance to the patterns & chains of stress in musculoskeletal tissue when studying Structural Dynamics and Body Tension Patterns.

Ultimately, for me it is a beautiful way to practice massage: My hands are speaking, to the energetic map of your whole person. Using a language made of tools and techniques that in many cases, simply eliminate the pain and restore full range of motion.

My Home Studio Is A Sacred Place

Not from some spiritual perspective, rather a professional and ethical perspective of trust.

Professional Massage speaks of trust. To me, it is important that you (and the people who care about you), know that I will never compromise your trust. While this conservative attitude towards professionalism is short supply for so many these days; I have not forgotten.

My massage studio and my massage table have never been used for any purpose other than professional therapeutic massage.

Prior to your session, you & I will discuss: you. What do you need? Pain relief? Stress relief? Injury recovery? We will discuss what kind of massage touch you like. What works? What does not work? We will discuss intensity levels and pain tolerance. We will dispell a few myths about “no pain/no gain” and “it doesn’t work unless it hurts”. The goal being: At the end of the session, you feel better than what you thought you were going to feel.

When you feel that… then you have felt a Professional Massage.