Sean McCoy LMT

The Gift of MASSAGE!

Holiday Season * Thank You * Get Well
I am  partnered with Square™ to offer you the ability to

purchase my massage services in any denomination, and send it to anyone online.

Just in time for EVERY holiday, occasion or apology!

What is an eGift Card? 

A quick & easy way to send someone an electronic gift card of any denomination, that can be used as payment for any of my services!

How does that work?

After you purchase someone an eGift Card, it is delivered to the recipient as an email. They can view their eGift Card 16-digit redemption code (and even associate it to their phone number for faster checkout).

Here’s how you do it…

  • Visit my Square Seller’s eGift Card order page.
  • Select an eGift Card amount.
    Check my prices here…
  • If applicable, enter your promotion code.
  • Enter the recipient’s name and email address for delivery.
    (If you are prepaying, send to yourself.)
  • Enter your name and email address for your payment receipt.
  • Add a personal message!
  • Select whether you’d like this eGift Card sent immediately
    or on a future date, then click Continue.
  • Enter your payment card details at checkout, confirm order details and then click Place Order.
  • You will receive your receipt in an email

You are done! It is that easy!

When the lucky recipient is ready to use their eGift Card, all they have to do is simply provide the 16-digit eGift Card redemption code. This can be found in the original eGift Card email they received. You can also give me your email address or phone number at checkout to search for your eGift Card.
In reality, all you will really need to do is let me know you want to use your eGift Card for payment. I probably have your email & phone number already – so I can pull it up super easy for you…if it isn’t automatically linked when I add your phone & email address to the sale!