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Powerful Online Client Scheduling For Your Business

By simply embedding an HTML object into my website:
<iframe src=””></iframe>

I can dedicate a portion of MY  online real estate to a non-descript and highly configurable scheduling interface. My clients “Stay With Me” throughout their entire scheduling experience! It is great to be able to retain and represent my brand to my clients even though a giant portion of the heavy lifting has been handed off to my “silent partner”,

And my scheduler is powerful. It handles, presenting to users in real-time a schedule of actual availability! Even if my services can require multiple therapists. That bears repeating…

Think of a scheduling system, that allows you to define how many resources are required if a user schedules that service. A system that in real time can show upon which days at which times a location has enough resources available who are capable of providing a schedulable service. If there aren’t resources available who can cover the requirements of the service, the time slot won’t show as available. It is all interconnected like that, in real time. 

My system provides several scheduling “interfaces” to choose from. Even a 1-click interface is available. I am able to show my potential clients an “Earliest Available” button to keep my schedule filled as easily as possible. I can add buttons, links and other iframe objects all over my website that provide pre-selection of service, resources, location, day & time. 

The system also has an amazing client interface. Since I choose to use the Registered Client interface, my users know who they are, and can login to their own online interface. I show them their session history; allow cancels, reschedules and edit general contact information. I also allow for the creation of Custom Client Forms. Any number of uniquely designed input forms using text, date and checkbox input fields. Additionally some neat input items like target maps (place crosshairs on an image) and multi-key data items (ie. surgical history). 

I wrote the system to support 3 other types of customer experiences: Previously Registered, Optional Guest and General Public

I can login, as a Therapist, Administrator or both and configure the whole freaking thing to show the products I want to show, the way I want to show them. I can create a full product profile complete with multiple pricing levels. I can create categories to group the products for showcasing. I choose to use my product selector. But another user could have their very own product display that merely links to the with a known SKU product code defined to automatically select the proper product.  As a Therapist I can enter my own schedule of availability for which services at which locations on which days and even which hours. I can define the minimum amount of time I need between sessions, and what my daily and weekly maximums are!

I am able to offer Client Loyalty Rewards and Discounts. I can accept and sell Gift Certificates. And I can absolutely, fully customize every email template the system uses. Not to mention my own ability to create custom email templates for use in custom email campaigns. My system will even let you design a survey, whose link can be tied to a session, that is sent in an email to invite your clients to review your services. Again, 100% my own branding. 

I’ve really tried to think of everything. I have been using and growing this application for over 10 years now. I pride myself on 99.999% uptime (simply because I cannot afford for it to not work). So, it just runs… I love my system. I am looking for some other business who want to offer scheduling online. Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss getting you a subdomain at Once you have your subdomain ID, you will have your own unique database and backoffice interface to configure your scheduling experience. After that, it is as simple as embedding
https://<your subdomain>
into an “iFrame” on the HTML of your website, and it is really hands off after that.

Disclaimer: I am looking for just a few businesses to work with who schedule 10-20 sessions per week where an individual client schedules a single service that is performed by 1 or more resources at 1 or more locations. 

In exchange for your time and efforts, and probably patience, your business will receive free scheduling for life (’s life)

The time required for initial setup and configuration is the largest commitment on your part. You must be able to commit the time to go through the configuration steps that include one or more products/services, locations and resources. Then, each resource must input their schedule (which services they provide at which locations during what hours on various days of the week)

And, for those willing to really overcommit, I would love for someone to really take advantage of my system’s support of Dynamic Key Replacement tags in the Email Template designer. That means you can put client/session data into your emails. So anyone looking to create surveys, email campaigns or perform therapist compensation would be providing a major functional use benefit!