Sean McCoy LMT

What To Expect

All scheduled? Wonderful! Here is what you can expect to happen prior to your session.

  • Confirmation Emails
    Please check your Email JunkSpamInbox for a small flurry of confirmation emails. One of them will ask you to confirm your email address. Your session confirmation email includes an .ICS Calendar Attachment that you can add to almost any calendar application you use.
    Additionally, check out the links to access your account profile online. You can provide additional information to ensure your session is exactly what you need.
  • Session Reminder Email
    12 hours prior to your session, my system will email you a reminder of your upcoming session.
  • Session Reminder Text
    The morning of your session, I will send you a text reminder.
  • Arrival Time
    Please try to arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled session time. I try to keep my schedule such that your time will never overlap with anyone. 
  • Park In The Driveway
    When you arrive, you will see a welcome sign inviting you to park in the driveway. Please use the spot indicated by the sign.
  • Say Hello To Lily
    Get your session off on the right foot by taking a moment to say hello to Lily. And then, you and I can say hello.
  • Use The Restroom
    Sessions always go long. You do not want your bladder on your mind. I will invite you to take a restroom stop on our walk to my Studio.

Here is what to expect during your session.

  • Interview
    Take this time to silence any electronics that might interrupt your session. Have a seat on the table, and relax. Let’s take a minute to visit. If you have taken the time to complete your profile online, the interview time is much easier. During the interview we will set your expectations for the work to be done that day.
    We will talk about where you do and do not want massage. What kind of intensity you like, and any other special considerations you need.
    Note: Everything is said and done with an understanding there will be no  sexual contact or communication. 
  • About Pain & Intensity
    The phrase “Hurts So Good” is our guiding principal. What that means is, there is a kind of pain that does not hurt. Or at least, our brain gives us permission to endure the pain because it also feels the benefit.
    Remember losing a baby tooth?
    It hurt, yes. But you could not stop messing it with it. Your brain was giving you permission. During this “Brain Permission” we are able to make amazing changes to the body without triggering an inflammatory response.
    This means you feel great coming off the table. Not in 2-3 days when the soreness wears off. If you find yourself holding your breath or gritting your teeth, just let me know. Being a professional therapist, I can accomplish the same thing using different techniques, or a different approach. Give me the opportunity to find that “Hurts So Good” level of intensity once again. 
    Once you are ready, I will leave the room to wash my hands and forearms thoroughly for your safety. In the meantime…
  • Get Yourself Ready
    Disrobe to your comfort level, or as we agreed. Get in between the sheets.
    Cannot remember whether we agreed face up or face down? No worries.
    Just get comfortable and be patient. I will knock on the door when I am ready, before entering the room.
  • Modesty During Session
    In most cases, waist up is the only full disrobing that is required for your massage. You are free to completely disrobe if that is your preference. 
    I treat your modesty as important (even if you might not). You will never be exposed during a session. You will never be touched inappropriately or touched in an inappropriate place. Furthermore, it is inappropriate to talk, or even joke about sexual topics. Please respect my working space by avoiding sexual or lewd topics during your session.
  • Final Preparations
    I will knock to confirm you are ready. Then I will take a moment to place extra cushions and bolsters for your added comfort. I will check to make sure the music, and table warmer are right and that you are ready to begin your session. Then, when I place my hands upon you, we begin your session.
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    If you like to zone out. Go for it. I will only bother you if I absolutely need. If you like to communicate. Go for it. Each person has their own amount of interaction they prefer. As your massage therapist, I want to help you get the most out of your massage by engaging with you only as much as you want.
    I will move every part of your body that I need moved. You do not have to help until it is time to turn over.
  • The Turn
    Your session will most likely involve turning from a face down to a face up position (depending upon your session). This will be the only time I must interrupt the session. I will guide you through the turn to make it as quick and easy as possible.
  • The End Of Your Session
    At some point, it does have to come to an end. And when it does, I will check in with you. I wil only disturb you enough to start the return of awareness, and then I will leave the Studio to meet you later in the front room for payment and rescheduling.