Sean McCoy LMT

Where Nee Nee Goes

Good morning MOM Good Morning Mom,  If you are reading this, it probably means that you have a lot of questions for which the answers just aren’t coming fast enough. Rather than try to answer your questions as you formulate them; how about I instead tell you a story? A

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Walking Conflict

How I Became A Walking Contradiction “Ain’t nuuuthin I would rather do….GOIN DOWN!PARTY TIME!My friends are gonna be there too, yeah!” Highway To Hell: Released 27 July 1979 You know what’s comin outta my mouth next…I’ll spare you the mantra.  I was 14, when I first heard and saw the

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The Last 1 Million Years: A Brief Overview

The Last1 Million Years: A BRIEF OVERVIEW It is my greatest fear, yet firmest conviction.  When I pop out the other end of the “Light At The End Of The Tunnel” (so many claim to see after near death experiences), every single shred of my current consciousness melts into a

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