Sean McCoy LMT

Sean McCoy

About Sean

A long time ago (in 2012), I graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy’s Professional Bodyworker Program with 4.0 GPA (top of the class), 100% attendance, etc.
I was so excited to bring my love of anatomy, my understanding of kinesiology and pathology to practice in my new profession.
And now, thousands of hands on hours later (sure, I am still at the top of my knowledge curve), I absolutely love to practice massage.

I provide the Vivid Soul “Custom Massage” approach to both custom and Deep Therapy sessions. That way you are never just receiving a massage: You are receiving my interpretation of the best possible combination of modalities and approach to achieve your goals for each individual session.

I provide bodywork for expecting mothers, throughout their pregnancy, as massage gently encourages the changes, while naturally easing the associated discomforts.

I work with athletes and those in training and have witnessed the power of bodywork to improve performance. Whether you are a marathon runner, a weekend hiker, a personal/group trainer or everyday bicycle commuter: 
Bodywork can help you achieve your best.

Across all the hours and years, I have witnessed the power of massage.

My heart goes out to those who are suffering.

Things on the top shelf being painfully out of reach.

Shoelaces, bra clips and anything in the back seat of the car being simply impossible to reach let alone turn to see.

I’ve seen how chronic pain, loss of movement and numbness have become things so many people are just living with now.

But, I love the changes I see in almost all of my clients.

  • Because of massage, folks have been able to get back down on the floor to play with grandbabies.
  • Because of massage, folks have been able to restore pain free range of motion in their daily lives.
  • Because of massage, folks have been able to live headache and migraine free. Not managed. Free.

I may have thought I had something to offer when I graduated all those years ago…But today, I realize that merely through me:

Massage has something to offer you.

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Nor do I make diagnosis. I work hand in hand with western medical professionals to

  1. Promote full surgical recovery and
  2. Reduce/minimize/eliminate if possible the need for invasive surgical procedures.

Always consult a medical professional for healthcare advise.

Sean McCoy