So Much To Do...

Good Morning Nee Nee! It’s so good to see you. 
     Is there coffee if I wake up?
There can be! For you.
ell alright then, coffee it is.

Together, then under the Java banner you see,
To start Nee Nee’s day, with her “Coff of Cupee”.

But quickly, like moments that fly away fast. The realization of effort comes on like a blast. So much to do. So many steps to be done. Between us and coffee, might require a nap, or at least lunch!

Even though our “to do list” grows steeper and high we agree that “one step at a time” is at least worth a try. First things first! Like it could be avoided. Mom takes off the “nose hose”, and I get it recoiled. Turn the oxygen off to give the machine a break. And now we are ready for step 2, still awake?

Throw off your covers! I say like it’s Christmas. Mom, doesn’t budge….No. It’s just too frigid. It’s crisp and fresh and will brighten your mind.
  It’s cold, I’m tired. Maybe I’ve changed my mind.

Coffee is hot, it will warm you right down to your toes.
     Well shit, okay, how do these go?

Poor little Nee nee flailing her arms. 
Beneath blankets and sheets that are keeping her warm.
If I didn’t know better, this silly attempt: 
I’d accuse her that it was just to let her stay in the bed.

We all know better: And so I better jump in.
And help throw off those covers that can evidently restrain.
With our oxygen and hoses and covers resolved.
The third step to coffee becomes obvious, now.

With a groan akin to a dying old beast,
Or someone struggling for a quality release,
Nee Nee engages her core expressing her grief.
Clearly with me, she’s developed a beef.

A helping hand to sit up. And another to swivel, 
“Feet On The Floor” I sing it a little.

Accomplished! Hooray! Sitting Up in the bed!
     Now if only the spinning would stop in my head!

Take a breather, you’ve earned it! I’ll rub love circles all into your back. Because the next step to coffee is to stand fully erect. But walking 6 feet is a risk not worth taking. Boarding the Transport Lift is the only way to do standing. She hoists and she pulls like she’s never done it in years. 
“Stand Up Straight And Tall, Closing the Cargo Bay Doors!” Is the fun saying that gets through to her ears.

So upright from hunching, and now just relax.
See how your Chariot carries you?
     Yeah, I can do that.

So mobile we are, nothing can stop us now! To coffee we go! Hot, fresh and NOW! But like tires squealing before the metallic KA-runch… Our progress is halted by reality’s punch! Does her need some “Toofies” to put in her face?
     Oh that’s right…I might just need teeth today.

And how about taking a quick potty stop?
Make Wee Wee?
     I could do that. Shoot, that’s a lot


But don’t worry Nee Nee I am here for you. Together this Level, is just #2. 
Well get you some teeth, and fresh new Depends. And then back on track – and all still in this year! Nothing can stop you from coffee my dear! So pull yourself up, once again for me please. I’ll open the Cargo Bay Doors, you then bend your knees. Have a squat, do some tinkle, make water, go wee. I’ll get some Fixodent, so we can forget your teeth.

Like a CGI morphing of the wolf back to the man.
With teeth in your mouth, I can recognize Nan!

Battle gear?
     Got them too.

Hoist! I say, as she struggles to do…
Yet another pull up – did she just groan a “Fuck you” ?

No matter now, we’ve got this under control.
Gently through doorways and down a small hall we  shall go. “Where the hell are we?” Mom asks, right on cue. In my house, you live with me now, in Arizona, it’s true!

No I do not. This house belongs to your sister. 

And if I try to correct, well it’s…
Listen here, mister.

So my sister is down the hall? The one to my office?
    Yes, right there, I saw her.
    She is watching my baby.
Your baby? Oh my! What is their name?
     You know, I can’t recall. Isn’t that lame?
     You think I’d remember the name of my late life transgression.

Yeah – How my dad; gone for years, is the father, would need a confession.

Think about that for a moment, out there. 
Regardless of visual cues and my verbal care.
The confirmation that what she sees is indeed real.
Nope: Dad’s down the hall, and baby needs a meal.

Okay, okay – if all of that’s true.
Then it sounds like today has some big plans for you.
So “Coff of Cuppe”, finally get the day started…
Uh-oh, what the hell? I hope you just farted.