Sean McCoy LMT

A Brief History

Ahoy Matey!
Thar’ she blows. Ol’ Cupcake Island herself. 

As a little kid, I loved a 1970’s Hostess Cupcake’s® commercial including Captain Cupcake® and his fellow travelers on a voyage to the magical Cupcake Island®! That’s all their commercialism did was plant a dream…a place where all the best and none of the worst exists in an Eden-esque state.

Not sure why, but the practice of announcing my impending arrival at any destination as some variation of “Ahoy Matey! Thar’ she blows. Ol’ Cupcake Island herself.”  became a thing for me. An endearing way to mark the awaited end of a journey.

My kids loved it, anyway.

No offense to the original, but my Captain Cupcake was a gruff old sea faring barnacle of a captain. And he was almost always brought to tears at site of his long lost love, Cupcake Island. So my boys & I would all start doing our own Captain Cupcakes saying things like “Good Ol’ Cupcake Island!”, “Garrr, Matey…”, “Oh, how I’ve missed her!” and “Let me feel the warm embrace of her sweet terra-firma against my booty full of treasure.”… Captain Cupcake arriving at Cupcake Island represented, to me, the end of a perilous journey fraught with planes, trains, automobiles and mostly idiots – but now that is done, so I can truly begin the enjoyment.

I’m older now. And Cupcake Island is not about summer vacations or a trip to see family. I’m ready to leave this suburban life and retreat away to my very own Isla Magdalena. Where I am responsible for myself. Where I can be myself, in all my glorious craziness. As well as a place to share community with others of a like mind.  A place where a true artist can come and simply live for the purpose of creating art.

Why is that not good enough in our society? Why do we punish those whose gift is to create by living in medicrity until their work achieves some notariety? When often almost everything they create inspires us everyday in some many different ways!

Ghandi was right when he spoke of how one can measure the quality of a society. I would say that math should also factor in the artist and the bleeding heart. Provide their way and, by their existence your life will be made richer and easier.